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Reclining Wheelchair

Reclining or tilt-in-space wheelchairs have seating surfaces which can be tilted to various angles. The original concept was developed by an orthotist, Hugh Barclay, who worked with disabled children and observed that postural deformities such as scoliosis could be supported or partially corrected by allowing the wheelchair user to relax in a tilted position. The feature is also of value to users who are unable to sit upright for extended periods for pain or other reasons. Various designs are now available and Reclining wheelchair with the feature may either tilt the seat-back and legrests in relation to the seat or may tilt the entire back, seat and leg rest as one, depending on the need of the user.

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609 GC Reclining Wheelchair With Commode is one of the multipurpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customized armrest and footrest and foldable nature of the chair.609 GC Reclining Wheelchair With Commode FeaturesThe wheelchair can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair.The footrest can be incline..
Karma Rainbow 8 Reclining Wheelchair With CommodeKarma reclining commode Wheelchair rainbow 8 is ideally designed for the elders and the patients having limited mobility. Has 8" PVC Caster front wheels, and 24" Solid rear wheels.Reclining Wheelchair with CommodeFoldableBrake lever for the attendantDetachable FootrestsKarma Rainbow 8 Reclining Wheelchair MeasurementsFrame Style : FoldableFrame Material : MS Chrome Platedopen position wheel to wheel width in : 26” (inches)Seat Width : 18” (inches)..
KM-5000 F14 The karma reclining wheelchair km-5000 Transport Wheelchair is an ultra lightweight folding aluminum reclining wheelchair. With full length padded armrests, an adjustable height head pillow, and more this wheelchair has added comfort for any user. This chair also features swing-away elevating footrests and adjustable length leg supports and footplates. With a weight of 33 Lbs this chair can be transported with ease.KM-5000 F14 FeaturesFolding 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade aluminu..
Karma KM 5000 F-24 Reclining WheelchairKarma Healthcare KM-5000 F24 Recline Wheelchair is a highly versatile foldable aluminum transit wheelchair especially designed with a reclining backrest that allows the carrier to continuously adjust from a 90 degree sitting position to a more relaxed 163 degree resting position or any angle in between.Entirely detachable arm-rests enable the user to transfer safely & easily. Also, the elevating and swing-away footrests allow users to adjust to the most..
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